We need to create an antique way of life to be able to live in our times
Oscar Ghiglia

Simona Dominici

Project Manager
Exhibition Department

Simona Dominici completed her University education between Rome and Siena, Italy. After a Degree in “Modern Literature” and a Master degree in “Anthropology, Languages of the Image and of the Entertainment” she acquired a thorough knowledge of the cultural heritage specifically from an anthropological and multimedia perspective. By winning the international scholarship “Erasmus for traineeship” Simona started collaborating with the MuCEM – “Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée” in Marseille, France, where she further developed her knowledge on the cultural policies within the museum field, in particular related both to French national practices and to broader international procedures. As a researcher in the cultural and anthropology field, she has also been invited to write academic papers for specialized magazines and to participate as a speaker in national conferences.  Thanks to another Master in “Organization of Cultural and Artistic Events” in Florence, she further developed her professional skills focusing in particular on the logistics, design, management and valorization of the cultural heritage.

At CP Simona is involved in the development of numerous international exhibitions, managing the several processes related to the production of each exhibition: from the preliminary research of new exhibition projects, to the editing of exhibition catalogues and to all the several steps related to the installation and de-installation of CP’s touring exhibitions.

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