International Touring Exhibition

We tour your exhibitions and collections worldwide generating new revenue for your museum. 

We evaluate if your collections or your past exhibitions can turn into successful travelling exhibitions and we analyze their potential within our international network of museums. 

Find out all the steps we follow:

Analysis of Your Needs and of Your Exhibition

Study of your needs _acapo_ Analysis of your exhibition _acapo_ Research on exhibitions on the same topic on the market _acapo_ Inquiry on the interest of the exhibition within our wide museum network

Contract Exhibition Project and Promotion with CP

Development of the Touring Exhibition

Preliminary project of a touring exhibition _acapo_ Sharing of ideas and feedbacks on the project with your team _acapo_ Definition of the touring exhibition project _acapo_ Production of promotional material _acapo_

Promotion of the Touring Exhibition

Promotion of the exhibition within CP museum network _acapo_ Promotion of the exhibition through online channels _acapo_ Promotion of the exhibition in worldwide fairs and conferences _acapo_ Definition of a list of museums interested in hosting the exhibition _acapo_

Contract Exhibition Production with CP

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