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New exhibition projects that we are developing with Italian
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Our exhibition projects are tailored to your museum interests. Together with your team, we will meet the directors of the lender museums, visit their collections and jointly develop the exhibition themes and structure according to your museum needs and audience.

Find out our new exhibition projects and join our network of Italian and international museums to develop a tailor made exhibition for your institution

New Projects

The Medici Dynasty. Family Portraits

The Medici dynasty ruled the city of Florence for more than three centuries, empowering it to reach its enduring destiny as ‘città d’arte’ par excellence. This exhibition of ca. 40 original Medici portraits from a venerable, Florentine museum, unfolds on parallel paths, tracing the vicissitudes of this illustrious dynasty and  investigating the history, purpose and nuances inherent to the genre of portrait painting.

The Myth of Superheroes

From the Amazons to Wonder Woman, from Frankenstein to the Hulk, from Robin Hood to the Green Arrow, legends change their appearance, but remain faithful to their original mission to guide new generations towards a better, brighter future. This unique exhibition aims at making visible the common thread linking the past, the present (and the future) of the myths, highlighting the strict relation between ancient and modern mythology in a highly innovative exhibition pathway.

Dayak. Headhunters of Borneo

Anthropology and art intertwine in this special international exhibition presenting the fierce and independent headhunter tribes of the Dayak, a term coined by Europeans for the indigenous ethnic groups that inhabited the immense island of Borneo. Despite a plenitude of dialects, languages, laws and customs, these disparate tribes shared distinguishing characteristics: profound animist beliefs and headhunting tactics and rituals for which they gained worldwide infamy.

The School of Yokohama

This exhibition of +70 exquisite hand-painted photographs and albums drawing on an extensive and superb collection, brings to light the outstanding artistic and photographic work realized by the artists of the School of Yokohama, an extraordinary artistic phenomenon that took place in Japan during the second half of the 1800s.

Taste Italian Style

The first-of-a-kind, largescale, full-blown exhibition to investigate and illustrate the incredibly savory trajectory of the Italian cuisine from its ancient origins in the Roman Empire to its most-modern interpretation in the trendy restaurants of today. Crowned by original objects, the exhibition is a sensory experience in an ever-evolving set design, a visual recipe designed to stimulate the senses and explore a truly delicious cultural phenomenon.

Underwater Archaeology

This informative, educational exhibition explores the underwater world of archaeology as it is practiced today. Shipwrecks and the means and methods to retrieve ancient artifacts, buried treasures and historical evidence are the protagonists of a multi-element exhibition. A special focus is given to the Mediterranean Sea. Developed in collaboration with Italy’s leading underwater research organization, a selection of the submerged landscapes that surround the island of Sicily are brought to life through the use of various exhibition devices.

Myths, Gods and Heroes of the Cosmos

One has only to gaze at the night sky, study a chart of the stars or consult an astrological horoscope to perceive the connections with ancient mythology. From tales of antiquity to the association with planets and constellations, the stories of the gods, heroes and creatures that inhabited the mythical realms are explored in this large-scale, dynamic exhibition that juxtaposes works of art with modern interactive elements and spectacular set design. Ancient lore is juxtaposed with modern and historical scienti!c content.

From Degas to Warhol

This evocative exhibition offers a rare opportunity to display to new audiences in Europe and abroad a special selection of some 60 masterpieces from a stellar collection conserved in South Africa. The masterful works on display – landscapes by Turner, Monet and Courbet, a charcoal drawing by van Gogh, lithographs by Matisse and Lichtenstein, delicate pastel on paper by Degas – are but a few examples of the breadth and significance of the Johannesburg Art Gallery collection.

Heroes and Gods in Venetian Baroque Painting

Through myth and allegory, Venice has always identified itself with high ideals, as a place where

justice prevailed. During the artistic season of the Baroque, Venetian painting expressed ethical and philosophical messages that exalted Venice as the ideal republic. It was an artistic season defined by a stylistic revival, a rediscovery of the traditions of color and atmosphere that distinguished the 16th century painting. This extraordinary exhibition beautifully illustrates the reflection of Venice through the masterful, mythological and allegorical Baroque language of important Venetian painters.

Italian Design

The 1950s witnessed in Italy the exciting emergence of an experimental design laboratory fueled by the greatest architects and designers of the times. This unique exhibition reconstructs the variety of form and the diffusion of creativity of this era and afterwards through a selection of approximately 80 original objects and design drawings that embody the creativity and special flair for which Italian design in the modern age is consistently appreciated, admired and awarded.

Shunga. Love and Art in the Japan of the Samurai

The exhibition invites the general public into a special world of Japanese art and culture; one that focuses on the ideal of feminine beauty, on erotic imagery and on certain lifestyle habits of Japan during the Edo period (1603-1867). On view is a selection of print masterpieces, paintings and refined decorative artworks belonging to the collections of MUSEC, the Museum of Cultures of Lugano, which has specialized for many years in the study of Japanese art.

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