Immersive Experiences

Multi-sensory immersive exhibitions that your audience needs to experience
We develop engaging storytelling to create unforgettable experiences

We develop experience exhibitions: exhibitions with reconstructions of original artifacts, suggestive environments and interactive devices.
We design immersive exhibitions: fully integrated multimedia and multi-sensory exhibitions specifically designed for museum spaces.
Through a solid scientific background and captivating storytelling your audience will actively engage, learn, interact and get entertained.

Choose the best immersive experiences for your museum and lead your audience into extraordinary worlds of high emotional impact.

Immersive Experiences

IMMERSIVELeonardo Experience

Immersed in multimedia environments, the audience is led on a journey alongside Leonardo da Vinci and within his powerful, fervent mind. Leonardo, the man in multiple dimensions is presented to the visitors: from his extraordinary intellectual abilities and incredible creativity, to his weaknesses and fears.

IMMERSIVERenaissance in Florence Experience

The legendary artistic geniuses of the Florentine Renaissance and the spirit of humanism that guided that great season in the history of man come to life in this dynamic, immersive experience leading the visitor on a journey through the events and masterpieces of the Renaissance in Florence: from its origins with painters like Masaccio, Filippo Lippi, and Beato Angelico, to its peak with Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raffaello.

EXPERIENCEGladiators, The Experience

Through the display of life-size reconstructions, interactive exhibits, multimedia devices and immersive environments the life of the Heroes of the Arena becomes an exciting and touching experience and brings visitors like through a time machine back to ancient Rome.

EXPERIENCEEscape from Pompeii. The Experience

An exhibition designed to immerse the audience into the history of the extraordinary city of Pompeii, a thrilling experience that embarks the visitor on a journey through the streets of this marvelous city just before, and soon after, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

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