Immersive ExperiencePompeii, the Experience

Escape from Pompeii, the Experience

Escape from Pompeii, the Experience is an exhibition designed to immerse the audience into the history of the extraordinary city of Pompeii, a thrilling experience that embarks the visitor on a journey through the streets of this marvelous city just before, and soon after, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
Many know that in August 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted in one of the most infamous catastrophes of ancient history, resulting in the burial and obliteration of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Few know however of the untold tale of the heroic rescue attempt launched by Pliny the Elder, commander of the Roman fleet stationed across the Bay of Naples at Misenum.

Through immersive environments, life-size reconstruction, interactive exhibits and multimedia devices, the exhibition illustrates the cataclysm that hit Pompeii and the world it buried – from a simple loaf of bread to fine jewelry, from frescoes to mosaics – as well as the prowess, dominance, bravery of the Roman navy in the larger Mediterranean theatre.


  • Pompeii and Imperial Rome
  • Pompeii the Best Place on Earth
  • Inside a Pompeii Domus
  • Flames on Vesuvius
  • The Expedition of Pliny the Elder


  • Life-size reconstructions
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Multimedia devices
  • Immersive environments
  • Workshops and educational material


Particularly appealing for families and kids, this edition of the exhibition with reproductions and immersive contents is adapted for venues and spaces that cannot host original artifacts.


Compact: 500-800

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