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Mahatma Gandhi

Valentina Boni

Senior Project Manager
Exhibition Department

Valentina Boni works at Contemporanea Progetti as Project Manager of numerous international exhibition projects for prestigious museums worldwide (Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia). 

Her academic background in Economics and Management of the Museum and Cultural Heritage acquired at the University in Florence, has allowed her to gain in-depth knowledge of the cultural field, launching her towards a fruitful career in the field of travelling museum exhibitions.

Valentina is responsible for the research and development of the preliminary exhibition projects in the Exhibition Development Department, producing and designing creative contents for the narratives of exhibitions on history, archaeology, fine arts, and science. At CP she manages all the exhibition catalogue production steps. Thanks to her excellent communication skills, she also manages relations with lender museums, overseeing all the complex loan, insurance, and shipping procedures. She is also responsible for the organization of national and international travel, taking care of all the logistical steps of the exhibition installation and de-installation.

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