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The Medici Dynasty. Family Portraits

The city of Florence was born on the banks of the Arno river in central Italy in ancient times, but it would be the wealth and command of the Medici dynasty that ‘ruled’ the city for more than three centuries that empowered the city to reach its enduring destiny as ‘città d’arte’ par excellence.
Their enormous wealth was consolidated in the Medici banks of the 1400s. Their quintessential patronage of the arts in the Renaissance is legendary. In the 1500s, their ‘de facto’ political influence was transformed into lasting hereditary political power. The Medici legacy was embodied in the family’s many sons, daughters and descendants – Grand Dukes, Queens of France, Popes and Cardinals – all and always great patrons of the arts. Portrait painting was but one of the many genres of art that they embraced for generations. It served them well as they ruled the Duchy of Tuscany for generations.

This exhibition of ca. 40 original Medici portraits from a venerable, Florentine museum, unfolds on parallel paths, enhanced by graphic and multimedia elements. On one track, it traces the vicissitudes of this illustrious dynasty – stories of war, love, betrayal and family secrets. On another it investigates and exemplifies the history, purpose and nuances inherent to the genre of portrait painting.


  • Meet the Medici
  • Consolidation of Power and Family Scandals
  • The Next Generations: Workshop of Justus Suttermans
  • Women and Children of the Court


Ca. 40 original Medici portraits, including paintings by Agnolo Bronzino and Justus Suttermans


Among the most comprehensive collections of Medici portraits covering all three centuries of the life of the Florentine dynasty from Lorenzo the Magnificent to Gian Gastone de’ Medici.



Original artworks

Portrait of Lorenzo the Magnificent

16th century, repainted in 19th century
Oil on wood panel

Portrait of Cosimo I de’ Medici

16th century, 1590-1599
Oil on canvas

Portrait of Francesco I de’ Medici

Agnolo Bronzino
16th century, 1567-1570
Oil on wood panel

Portrait of Eleonora Gonzaga

Workshop of Justus Suttermans
17th century, ca. 1625-1630
Oil on canvas

Portrait of Don Giovanni

Area of Cristofano dell’Altissimo
17th century, ca. 1600
Oil on canvas

Portrait of Giovanni de’ Medici

Francesco Salviati
16th century, ca. 1550
Oil on canvas

Portrait of Ferdinando II de’ Medici

Justus Suttermans
17th century, ca. 1620
Oil on canvas

Portrait of Paolo Giordano II Orsini

Ottavio Leoni
17th century, 1623
Oil on canvas

Portrait of Margherita Gonzaga

School of Frans Pourbous
17th century, ca. 1610-1620
Oil on canvas

Portrait of Grand Prince Ferdinando de’ Medici and Maria Luisa de’ Medici with Governess

Justus Suttermans
17th century, ca. 1670
Oil on canvas

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