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The exhibition India, Reflections of Sacred Worlds is the stunning and creative result of a unique collaboration between Contemporanea Progetti, the Museo delle Civiltà of rome and the Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne of Nantes.

Grounded in the exposition of some 180 rare and extraordinary works of art primarily from the collection of the Roman museum, but surrounded by the evocative exhibition design of CP and enhanced by multiple interactive and sensory experiences also designed by CP, the exhibition transcends the ordinary, and transports its visitors into another world, a sacred world composed of the three religions that were born on the ancient soil of India: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

These religious belief systems, rooted in ancient Indian thought, have found expression in various forms of art throughout many centuries. The many gods and the legends of the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions are represented and illustrated through ancient Buddhist sculpture from Gandhara and sandstone Hindu sculpture
from ancient temples, through delicate tempera on paper Hindu miniature paintings and intricate pages of Jain illustrated manuscripts, through handcrafted bronze figurines and ritual bracelets from rural villages.

India is a land of multiple contrasts and colors. From the classical art of temples to the folk traditions of villages, the religious threads of India interweave into a rich, visual tapestry. This varied context stimulated and inspired the exhibition design of CP. Color and detail were of particular importance in every aspect of the design process, but also the concept of a sensory experience.

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