Touring Exhibition Knights in Armor

Knights in Armor

Knights in Armor features stunning masterpieces of European arms and armor, dating from the Medieval and Renaissance ages to the Romantic revival of the Medieval of the 1800s. Not only is the provocative beauty and exquisite artistic craftsmanship of the objects revealed, the figure of the knight, his code of chivalry, the arts and customs of tournaments and jousting, and his iconic sword and armor is illustrated and brought to life.

The exhibition focuses also on the romantic Gothic Revival that characterized 19th century Europe and captured the imagination of Frederick Stibbert (1838-1906) in Florence, Italy. A great fortune amassed in India by his British grandfather enabled Stibbert, an astute and sophisticated financier and collector, to dedicate his life to collecting works of art, and in particular, European armor and weaponry.

His armory is considered one of the best of Europe, if not the best still intact, ever assembled by a private citizen.


  • Introducing the Knight
  • Tournaments and Jousting
  • A Knight’s Armory
  • Gothic Revival of the 1800s


  • +130 original objects, including: equestrian figures
  • Full suits of armor
  • Horse chanfrons
  • Helmets, corselets
  • Shields, swords, and other weaponry


One of the world’s most extensive and best collections of arms and armors



Exhibition Views

Original artworks

Suit of Armor

Italian manufacture, Brescia
Steel, mail, bronze, leather, fabric

Corselet of the Papal Guards

Italian manufacture, Brescia
ca. 1590
Steel, leather, fabric

Parade Corselet

Italian manufacture, Florence
Beginning of 17th century
Steel, bronze, leather, velvet

Mace with Stiletto

European manufacture
ca. 1600


European manufacture
Mid 16th century
Steel, leather

Side Sword

Hilt – Italian manufacture
Blade – Juan de Leyzade, Spanish manufacture, Toledo
Steel, wood

Greaves with Sabatons

German manufacture, Augsburg

Leg Harness

Dutch manufacture, Antwerp (?)
Steel, iron mesh, leather

Close Helmet

French manufacture
ca. 1590

About the Exhibition

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