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India. Reflections of Sacred Worlds

From the classical art of temples to the tribal traditions of villages, the religious threads of India interweave into a rich, visual tapestry. This exhibition of more than 140 original works of art drawing from the extensive collection of the Museo delle Civiltà of Rome, Italy, beautifully illustrates the religious impulses that flow across the huge subcontinent like its vital rivers. It explores how the three ancient religions – Hinduism, Buddhism e Jainism – all born on Indian soil and out of the Indian experience – are interconnected.

The originality and singularity of each is represented, but also the interdependence of the philosophical and religious reflections that converge around shared beliefs: the cycle of rebirth (samsara), the liberation of the being (mukti, moksha), the concept of karma (which signifies the consequences of actions). Despite similar beliefs, each religion has developed its own interpretation of the sacred world and its own rituals and ceremonies. Art has given a rich and varied visual expression to the cardinal tenets of these influential religions.


  • India. Past and Present
  • Indian Textiles
  • Buddhism, the Way of Buddha
  • Hinduism, Faces of Gods
  • Jainism, the Creed of Non-Violence


  • +140 Archaeological Objects, including: stone carvings, dancing statuettes of Indian gods and goddesses, delicately-rendered miniatures, colorful paintings, fine jewelry, folk art
  • Interpretive Graphic Panels
  • Dioramas
  • Video&Multimedia


Ca. 150 original objects from an extraordinary and extensive collection, spanning 1300 years of Indian art


500 -700

Exhibition Views

Original Artworks

Trident with Face of Bhairava

20th century

The Battle of Lanka. Rama Kills the Demon King Ravana

18th century
Tempera on paper

Guardian Spirits on Horseback

20th century


Gandharan Art, 2nd – 3rd centuries


Chandella Period, 10 – 11th centuries

Folio from a Kshetrasamasa Manuscript

16th – 17th centuries
Gouache and ink on paper

Ritual Necklace

ca. 1700
Gold, Pearls of Bassora

Dancing Shiva

Chola Period, 10th century

Cosmological Diagram

18th century
Opaque watercolor on paper

Group of Bronze Figures

17th – 18th centuries

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