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The Myth of Superheroes

The Myth of Superheroes is the first international travelling exhibition that aims at making visible the common thread linking the past, the present (and the future) of the myths. It highlights the strict relation between ancient and modern mythology and presents a selection of all the forms of art involved in this mutual process. The different topics of the exhibition are developed through an exceptional selection of original objects: as the exhibition unfolds, archaeological artifacts dialogue with comics, drawings, animations, ancient dolls, and modern action figures, in a highly innovative exhibition pathway for adults and children.

The exhibition invites the audience to explore this incredibly imaginative world, where men and women are able to fly, read minds, control time and magnetic fields, climb walls and manipulate magic. Everything is possible and the only limitation is the unbridled imagination of the artists – writers and designers – who in some eighty years of history have created an artform. What began as entertainment meant for the youngest, has gradually turned into a unique form of art and expression that has transcended the boundaries of the print media to arrive on television and in cinemas around the world.


  • Why Do We Need Heroes?
  • Heroes of Myth and Heroes of History
  • Mythological Metamorphoses
  • Modern Superheroes
  • The Heroes of our Time


  • +500 original action figures
  • Selection of original archaeological artifacts
  • XM statues, original comics
  • Original drawings
  • Original dolls representing superheroes
  • Movie posters
  • Video projections
  • Immersive rooms


The first exhibition on Superheroes that juxtaposes significant archaeological pieces with representations of modern mythical superheroes to illuminate their origins and connections with the gods and heroes of the ancient world. Based on a very extensive private collection well-known around the world for this type of material.


400 – 1000

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