Touring Exhibition Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar, Triumph and Death of a Roman Conqueror

Who killed Julius Caesar? And Why? This is the point of departure for this large-scale, suggestive exhibition, perhaps a cautionary tale, that juxtaposes ancient artifacts and artworks with modern interactive, immersive elements and spectacular set design.

Without a doubt, Julius Caesar is one of the most legendary figures in human history. Known even in his lifetime as a man who could be all things to all men, he is often characterized as a brilliant military tactician, superb commander, ambitious politician, skilled orator, ruthless dictator. His many conquests included men, women and territory. Many consider him almost personally responsible for the demise of the Roman Republic. These are among the many facets of the larger-than-life legend of Caesar that are dramatically illustrated and examined in this exhibition. The exhibition then comes full circle and concludes with an investigation of the assassination of Caesar, interpreted in the modern terms of a murder investigation – the plot, the motives, the murder weapon, the aftermath are all part of the inquest.


  • Who Was Julius Caesar
  • From the Conquest of Gaul to Politics
  • The Conquest of Rome
  • The Assassination
  • The Myth of Caesar


Ca. 60 original archaeological artifacts combined with modern interactive multimedia devices and spectacular set design.


The first exhibition thoroughly presenting the character, myth and assassination of Julius Caesar through original artifacts from venerable archaeological museums of Italy.



Original artworks

Portrait of Augustus

Late Reign of Augustus (27 BCE – 14 CE)
Greek marble

Cylindrical Urn

Augustan Age (27 BCE – 14 CE)

Feet of a Statue with Sandals

Imperial Age

Golden Spiral-shaped Bracelet

First Imperial Age

Altar with the Wolf Feeding Romulus and Remus

27 BCE – 14 CE

Portrait of a Roman Republican Man

1st century BCE

Statuette of a Roman Magistrate

1st century CE

Roman Military Diploma

1st century CE

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