Touring Exhibition The Etruscans

The Etruscans

The Etruscans is the unique and in-depth exhibition bringing to light the history of the Etruscan civilization in its evolution, from the 9th century BCE, up to the dominion of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BCE. On show a selection of +150 original artifacts, drawing from some of the most important archaeological excavations in the territory of ancient Etruria and from the leading Etruscan museums of Tuscany: the Museo Nazionale Archeologico in Florence and the Museo Etrusco Guarnacci in Volterra.

Through 5 thematic sections, this large-scale exhibition eloquently illustrates many aspects of this exceptional civilization: the origins of the Etruscans and their historical-geographical contextualization, their zest for life, the elegance of their art, their religious beliefs, their funeral practices and the deep and abiding bond they perceived between the divine world and their daily lives. Not only was the Etruscan culture one of the most advanced civilizations at the time, it also exerted a far-reaching influence on the later ancient Romans, leaving them an extraordinary cultural, political, and religious heritage that is particularly unveiled throughout the exhibition.

Along with the extraordinary selection of original artworks visitors are accompanied by innovative videos and video projections, technological interactive devices and suggestive environments.


  • Ancient Etruria, History and Geography
  • Etruscan Civilization
  • The Etruscans and the Sacred
  • Infernal Divinities and the Afterlife
  • The Etruscans and Rome


  • +150 Archaeological Objects: cinerary urns and sarcophagi, high-reliefs, golden jewelry, canopic jars
  • Interpretive Graphic Panels
  • Multimedia devices and Immersive Rooms
  • Catalogue


Archaeological artefacts and works of art rarely seen outside of Italy from leading Etruscans collections and excavations



Exhibition Views

Original Artworks

Cinerary Urn

Late 2nd – early 1st century BCE

High Relief of Vanth

Late 4th century BCE

Mirror with the Dioscuri, Minerva and Helen of Troy

3rd century BCE

Mask of Jupiter

Imperial era


Second half 4th century BCE
Ceramic, painted black

Kylix with a Dionysian Procession

Last decades 4th century BCE
Red-figure ceramic

Cast of Ombra Della Sera


Frontal Slab with Male Figure

Early 2nd century BCE

Objects in a Well-Shaped Tomb

First half of 8th century BCE
Plaster mix and bronze

Laurel Wreath

2nd century CE

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