Touring Exhibition Venice. Queen of the Sea

Venice. Queen of the Sea

Venice was born of the sea, like Venus stepping out of the waves.
History has witnessed the rise and fall of other super powers, but rarely, one as brilliant and unique as the mighty, maritime Republic of Venice, La Serenissima. The fortune of Venice, its military, economic, political, diplomatic, artistic and cultural successes, over the course of thousands of years of history, is inextricably linked to its relationship with water.

The scope of this compelling, multi-dimensional exhibition is to recount the scintillating story of Venice as a super power through the lens of its rapport with the sea, a complex, determinant and pervasive relationship. It is both a maritime story and a legendary story, comprised of many legends – legends written on paper, on canvas, in wood and stone, but above all, on water – on the currents of the lagoon and the waves of the Mediterranean sea.

It is a story told through the display of a selection of +150 marvellous artworks from Venetian museums, evocative set design and immersive, multimedia content; it is a story curated by major experts on Venetian history, art, architecture and culture.


  • Born of Water
  • A City Rising between Sea and Lagoon
  • The Pulse of Power, the Arsenal
  • Queen of the Sea
  • Living Venice
  • Leap into Modernity


  • +150 Original Artworks, including: paintings, golden coins, embroidered costumes, original nautical charts, gondolas etc.
  • Interpretive Graphic Panels
  • Video&Multimedia
  • Catalogue


Exhibition curated by major experts on Venetian history, art and culture, featuring
+150 marvellous artworks from Venetian museums


400 – 700

Exhibition Views

Original artworks

Lion of St. Mark

Venetian manufacture
18th century CE
Wood, Gold Leaf

Nautical Chart of the Mediterranean

Half 17th century
Vellum (parchment), ink

Bauta Mask

Venetian manufacture
Late 18th century
Canvas, painted plaster

The Seller of Essences

Pietro Longhi
ca. 1750-1752
Oil on canvas

Coin of Doge Francesco Morosini

Venetian manufacture
1687 – 1689

Prayer Book with Pistol of Doge Morosini

Venetian manufacture
Half 17th century
Paper, leather, metal

Hat of Doge Francesco Morosini

Venetian manufacture
17th century
Brocade fabric


Venetian manufacture
18th century
Embroidered silk and linen

Gondola Iron

Venetian manufacture
First Half 17th century
Forged iron

Hand Used in the Counting of Votes

Venetian manufacture
Wood, Gold Leaf

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